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Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read labels and use as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional.

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Hydrochlorothiazide, better known by its acronym Hctz, is a thiazide diuretic with a wide range of uses. Most common among them are treating hypertension and reducing edema, though patients also buy Hctz to treat a variety of other conditions.

Note that Hctz is not a potassium-sparing diuretic; individuals who have or develop low potassium levels will want to supplement potassium or consider other products.

Patients buy Hctz under a very large number of alternative names, including Apo-Hydro, BPZide, Dichlotride, Esidrex, Hypothiazid, Microzide, and many others. It's also possible to buy Hctz in combination with other high blood pressure treatments, which can be browsed here or Hctz.kiwidrug.com/">here.

How Hctz Works

Hctz is thought to be effective in two ways:

  • Reducing overall blood volume; and
  • Reducing vascular resistance.

The medication reduces blood volume by inhibiting salt reabsorption in the kidneys, which is the key element in nearly everything Hctz does. Salts are excreted in urine rather than being reabsorbed by the kidneys; salts retain water, increasing blood volume and, in cases of congestive heart failure and numerous other conditions, causing edema.

Hctz increases urine flow, which helps patients with many kidney issues as well as helps type 2 diabetics get rid of excess sugar. Note that because patients will urinate more frequently this medication is rarely taken right before bed.

Thiazide diuretics also promote calcium retention in the kidneys, which in turn decreases mineral bone loss.

Hctz is also thought to reduce vascular resistance, though how it does so and to exactly what degree is less clear.

Taking Hctz

Since the majority of patients buy Hctz to treat hypertension or edema, that's what we'll focus on here. Other, often off-label uses can be considerably more varied and are difficult to summarize.

In both hypertension and edema other medications are commonly given as well; for the most part these don't influence dosage, but there are exceptions. It's always a good idea to double-check with a doctor or pharmacist when adding, removing, or adjusting dosage of any other medication.

Treating hypertension is fairly straightforward:

  • Start with 25 mg once per day.
  • If 25 mg proves insufficient after several weeks of use, dosage may be increased to 50 mg per day, taken once daily or divided into two doses.
  • If 50 mg proves insufficient, there will likely be greater benefit from adding a second antihypertensive medication rather than further increase Hydrochlorothiazide dosage.

Those who buy Hctz for edema will find treatment is considerably more variable:

  • Standard dosing starts with 25 mg once per day.
  • If 25 mg proves insufficient, dosage may be incrementally increased to 50, 75, or 100 mg per day, taken once daily or divided into two doses.
  • Some patients take doses every two or three days, rather than daily.
  • With larger doses of 75 or 100 mg, some patients take a dose once every five days.

In both cases it takes two or three weeks for maximum benefit to be seen, which is why doctors prefer to wait several weeks before adjusting dosage.

Regular checkups are strongly recommended, particularly at the start of treatment, to ensure the medication is working properly and to monitor for developing complications. In many cases patients will need to buy Hctz for the remainder of life. Some patients are able to make and maintain lifestyle changes---exercise, losing weight, and so forth---that will control blood pressure, and can eventually stop taking medications. Others aren't able to make such changes, or find they're not sufficient.

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